Basic Lightning Hosting Package

$15.00 / month

In the basic lightning hosting package you will receive superfast hosting, access to a CDN, free SSL from Let’s Encrypt and enough storage space to operate your business needs


Basic lightning hosting package

  • Super fast enterprise Litespeed server with Litespeed cache – the industry leader in server software and caching solution
  • Access to a premium content delivery network (CDN)
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • 80,000 inodes (files) limit
  • 6GB storage
  • 80GB bandwidth a month
  • Control Panel
  • Free migration
  • Up to 2 websites

Please note: This package does not include website design, website support or domain registration. This is purely a hosting package giving you access to premium level hosting features.

At the moment hosting packages are manually created and may take a few hours to generate your hosting environment

You will find some additional plugins installed on your website once transfer has been completed. These are to provide a fast website as well as security.

  • Litespeed plugin
  • Bulletproof Security plugin

Currently, backups are not included. We recommend Jetpack’s Vaultpress option for a single website or WP Time Capsule. These offer realtime incremental backups which are faster and don’t impact your website performance. With WP Time Capsule you can backup to Google Drive, Dropbox and so forth. Alternatively, Backup Buddy or UpdraftPlus are free options which also work, but will put excess load on your server.

We will look at offering backups as part of out hosting plan in the future, but it’s recommended that you have a copy yourself as well.


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